We are Value Driven  Investors, Unearthing Opportunities in the Middle Market

We target select opportunities, after completing a top-down and bottom-up investment analysis. Our philosophy is guided by four core disciplines:


We deploy capital solely in the middle market, making moderate-sized equity investments in high-quality, well-located commercial real estate where opportunity exists to drive operational improvement and profit gains. We place emphasis on overlooked assets and locations while at the same time offering capital solutions in the marketplace.


Depending on the risk profile of the asset and phase of the real estate cycle, we intelligently structure investments to provide for added margins of safety. We protect the interest of the capital entrusted to us and require transparency and appropriate governance in the investments we make.


Our asset management is comprehensive. We believe that a pro-active management approach is the key to preserving value found in the acquisition process, as well as to adding value and managing overall risk during the life of an investment. We know, because we have done so across different market conditions.


We believe technology can be a force multiplier, having invested heavily in innovative systems to enhance critical functions of acquisitions, due diligence, risk management, capital raising, and investor relations. We also use the latest technology in the management of our properties and upgrade our buildings with modern systems and spaces that appeal to today’s discerning users.


“Our investment philosophy guides our decision making to deliver brilliant performance through a variety of market conditions.”

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